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Ten reasons to celebrate the World Radio Day

February the 13th is a day of celebration for radio professionals

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February the 13th is a day of celebration for radio professionals

Today, February the 13th is the World Radio Day. In COPE we give you ten motives to commemorate this day:

1. 25 million people listen to the radio every day in Spain. 

2. Radio is the most credible news source in Europe and Spain, according to the last Eurobarometer.

3. 52% of Spaniards trust the news they hear on the radio, compared to 40% who have confidence in newspapers and 36% who believe in the news they see on the television.

4. At a time when digital information prevails, radio is more credible than new internet media.

5. Radio is still the most dynamic and attractive entertainment media in Spain, adapting to the necessities of the public and the announcers.

6. Online access via streaming or apps provides the user with new forms of enjoying contents, without restrictions of time or space.

7. Advertisements in radio are better integrated and more effective. 

8. Channel surfing during commercials is less frequent than in television, where 70% of the people flip channels.

9. Radio users remember advertisements better than television or internet users.

10. Radio is the most emotional mean of communication. It appeals to the listeners' emotions using elements like voice and music that go into their hearts.

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