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Zidane resigns as Real Madrid's coach

Zizou leaves the post after winning three Champions League in a row


Zinedine Zidane will no longer be the manager of Real Madrid. The Frenchman has announced his resignation in a surprise press conference this morning. The decision comes after having won his third consecutive Champions League trophy , a record in the football history. Zizou has explained that his choice is motivated by the fatigue that a position of such responsibility generates. 

It is still unknown who will be his substitute although Tottenham Hotspur's manager Mauricio Pochettino is the most likely candidate for the position. Zidane leaves Real Madrid after not having lost a single UEFA Champions League knockout round, an extraordinary record. As a player, Zidane also left Real and retired early, while still at the top of his game, and bringing France to the FIFA World Cup final in 2006. 

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