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The trial of the Alsasua aggressions starts

The accused deny any aggression or relation with terrorist organizations


The eight people accused of attacking two civil guards and their girlfriends in Alsasua (Navarre) in 2016 have denied their participation in the aggression. Furthermore, they also deny forming part of any organization whose aim is to expel the security forces from the Basque Country and Navarre.

The events took place on October the 15th 2016 when two members of the Civil Guard and their girlfriends where having a drink at a pub. According to the accusation, the eight suspects attacked them, broking the ankle of one of the agents, among other injuries.

The accusation considers that the indictees form part of an organization called 'Ospa!' (out! in basque) created by the terrorist group ETA and whose target is to expel the Civil Guard from the Basque Country. Therefore, they are accused of terrorism and may face sentences up to 62 years in prison.

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