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The Catalan parliament will bring legal action against Judge Llarena

The nationalist parties supported the measure

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The table of the Catalan court -controlled by the nationalist parties- has agreed bringing legal action against Judge Llarena. They accuse the judge of perverting the course of justice for denying Jordi Sanchez's release of prison to be invested. Ciudadanos and PSC voted against the proposal while the lawyers of the chamber warned against it.

Llarena prevented Sanchez's release from prison for the investiture that was scheduled for this Friday, alleging risk of recidivism if he were elected President of Catalonia. Sanchez, former leader of secessionist organization ANC, is imprisoned accused of rebellion among other crimes. The nationalists consider that this decision infringes his political rights.

The nationalist majority keeps on proposing ineligible candidates, postponing the formation of a new government. Meanwhile, the Spanish central executive controls the institutions of Catalonia.

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