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Spain created half a million jobs in 2017

Unemployment reaches 16.5%, the best rate since 2008

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Almost 19 million people are occupied, according to the active population survey carried by Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE). In 2017, 490,300 unemployeds found a job in the country. 
3.7 million people are looking for a work post in Spain, compared to the 6 million unemployed at the peak of the economic crisis in 2012. Still, the unemployment rate is significantly below the 7.9% reached in 2007, when the Spanish economy was in its prime. 
Extremadura is the Autonomous Community with the highest unemployment rate. One of every four Extremaduran workers is jobless. 
On the other side of the spectrum is Navarre. It stands out as the region with the lowest unemployment, with a rate of 9.6%.
Last year, the number of full-time workers raised by 517,900, while the part-time workers decreased by 27,600.
357,900 new indefinite contracts were signed, in contrast to 179,200 temporary commitments. In consequence, this leaves a temporary rate of 26%.
Unfortunately, the female unemployment rate (18.35%) is still 4 points higher than the male one, proving that gender gap remains an important issue. 

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