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Sánchez appoints the most feminine government in Spanish history

At least eight women will take part in the new Spanish executive

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One by one, as if they were the confirmations of a music festival, the names of the new ministers are known. An executive in which women will have a crucial part as, for the first time, there will be more women than men in the Spanish government.

Carmen Calvo, former minister of Culture with Zapatero, will be the vice president. The two most important figures in Spanish economy, the minister of Economy and the minister of Finances, will also be women. The first position will be held by Nadia Calviño, a former European Commission member while María Jesús Montero will be in charge of the Finances. Other important ministries, like Justice, Health or Education will also have women in charge.

Sánchez has also surprised with his choice for the Science ministry. Astronaut Pedro Duque, the first Spaniard to be in outer space, has been chosen for the position. Former European Parliament President Josep Borrell, a veteran politician with a well-respected career in the EU will be the responsible of Foreign Affairs.

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