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Puigdemont's phone messages: "Game Over"

'El Programa de Ana Rosa' filters messages between former Catalan president and former Minister Comín

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Former Catalan president recognizes that the independence process has already ended and that his fellow nationalists have decided to let him go.

Therefore, Puigdemont acknowledges that the Spanish government plan has triumphed and hopes that the imprisoned politicians will be released. If they aren't, he says, 'the ridicule would be historic.'

In those messages, former president assures they are living "the last days of the Catalan Republic." His main aim in the next years will be to defend himself. "I don't know how long I will live (hopefully a lot), but I will dedicate the rest of my life to protect my reputation and to defend my actions of the last two years."

Puigdemont ends up confessing that "it is over" and that the nationalist parties have decided to 'sacrifice' him, referring to the adjournment of the investiture session scheduled for yesterday.

The story was uncovered by journalists from Spanish television show 'El Programa de Ana Rosa'. They were covering a political event in Leuven (Belgium), in which former Catalan Minister Toni Comín was taking part.

Accidentally, they recorded him reading Puigdemont messages and when they reviewed the images, they discovered its content.

As a result, Comín has threatened to press legal charges against the journalists, accusing them of 'revelation of secrets'. Puigdemont has said he wrote the messages 'in a moment of doubt' and that he will keep defending Catalonia's independence. 

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