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Puigdemont's new house in Waterloo

Former Catalan president rents luxury house in Wallonia

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Carles Puigdemont has rented a mansion of 500 square meters in Waterloo, a city 20 kilometers south of Brussels known for being the place where Napoleon suffered his final defeat. According to Belgian newspaper L'Echo, the rent costs ascend to 4.400 euros per month. The house has six rooms, three bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and a 100 square meters terrace.

Josep Maria Matamala, who has been Puigdemont's patron in Belgium, has payed the two-month renting fee. Since they signed a long-term contract, it looks likely that Puigdemont has no intention of returning to Spain in a short term.

Waterloo is a residential suburb where many expats live. Since he arrived to the Belgian capital, Puigdemont has been living in the Husa President Hotel, next to the city center. 

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