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Cifuentes will resign if Rajoy demands it

Popular Party ties their final decision to the results of the investigation

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The President of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, will resign if the Head of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, requests her to do so. Her resignation is demanded by the three opposition parties in Madrid, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos, after allegations that she might have obtained her Master's Degree through false qualifications.

Cifuentes has repeatedly stated she has no intention of resigning and has always assured there are no irregularities regarding her Master's Degree. Consequently, PSOE has presented a censure motion that Ciudadanos threatens to support. Meanwhile, the national directions of both Ciudadanos and PP are negotiating in order to find an intermediate solution. 

President Rajoy is currently in Argentina, and there is no meeting scheduled between him and Cifuentes in the next days.

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