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Ana Julia admits having killed Gabriel

She claims that the kid attacked her with an ax

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Ana Julia Quezada, the confessed murderer of Gabriel Cruz, has admitted that she killed the little kid out of anger. In her police statement, she claimed the child went by his own wish to the family estate in Rodalquilar. Once there, she stated, Gabriel approached her with an ax while screaming 'you are not my mother'. Consequently, she defended herself and choked the little kid.

With this testimony, Quezada intends to be charged with homicide instead of murder and therefore avoid a likely life sentence. Since her arrest, she has modified her version several times.

The investigators believed she might have been moved by jelousy, after her boyfriend, the father of Gabriel, refused moving in with her to the Dominican Republic. Quezada will remain under police custody until she testifies before the judge.

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